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Welcome Letter

Dear Customers,

     First of all, Mekong Paper Joint Stock Company would like to send our wishes for health and respectful greetings to the customers who have been and will use Mekong’s products and services.

     Mekong Paper is an enterprise specializing in importing and selling of all kinds paper such as paper for packaging, printing, publishing, journalists, advertising, and other commercial paper companies nationwide.

     Mekong Paper is proud to be a trusted corporation, which provides quality paper with high reputation. The company also maintains an inventory system, paper-cutting workshops, fleet of trucks, and forklifts that are invested to meet the customers’ demand.

     Please come to Mekong JSC for more advices and services. Mekong Paper currently provide these kinds of paper:

  • Couche, Bristol, Crystal
  • Duplex, Ivory, Fort
  • Papers for magazines, books, bible, calendars, bill, check, or specialized papers for label, oil-resistant paper.

     With nearly 20 years of experience and professional skill, the employees believes that Mekong Paper’s products and services will meet and satisfy customers’ needs.

     Please contact us, Mekong Paper Production,Trading and Joint Stock Company:

Address: 44-46, 9A Street, Trung Son, Binh Hung, Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City.

Tel: 028-5431 9179 – 5431 9199

Fax: 028 5431 9180-5431 9190

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Thank you for you concern on this letter.


    Mekong Paper

Domestic Customers

The price of gold

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Cong ty TNHH MTV Vang bac da quy Sai gon : Bang Ty gia vang SJC
Ms. Kim Anh
Telephone number of Ms. Kim Anh (028) 54319199- 0932 692 296
Mr. Cao The Khang
Telephone number of Mr. Cao The Khang 0903 839 985
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    Ms. Kim Anh
    Telephone number of Ms. Kim Anh ( (08) 54319199 - 09032 692 296