LWC & A3

LWC & A3 is light weight coated paper or average weight coated (A3 - Japan's name)

Substance: 51.2gsm - 79.1gsm

Application: Textbook, block calendar, magazines, flyer,..


Japan: Hokuetsu mill (Hi-Alpha, Alpha matt, Sigma Matt)

 Art Paper

Coated with 2 layers of kaolin on the surface, with glossy coating and matte coating

Couche 2 side: paper with 2 sides coated; gloss or matt

Couche 1 side: paper with 1 side coated

Substance: 80gsm - 350gsm

Application: Namecard, calendar, flyers, brochures, catalogs, magazines, lottery, books, book cover


Japan: Hokeutsu

Korea: Moorim, Hansol

China: Nevia, Hi-Kote, Hainan, UPM, Chenming

Indonesia: APP


 Duplex Board

Duplex board has 1 side coated, 1 back side with grey color or golden grey (Duplex board with grey back); or white (Duplex board with white back); or kraft (Duplex board with kraft back)

Substance: 180gsm - 450gsm

Application: box, all kinds of packaging, book cover…


Korea: Hansol, Kleannara

Indonesia: APP

Japan: PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia



Ivory has 1 side coated, 1 side with white rough surface (Ivory) or brown kraft (Ivory kraft back)

Note: when we tear a piece of paper, it is ivory color in the middle.

Substance: 170gsm - 400gsm

Application: cigarette boxes, cosmetic boxes, medicine boxes, pizza boxes,…

Ivory kraft back: beverage packaging (beer, soft drinks)



China: Chenming



High quantification thick, double-sided coated, glossy surface, high thickness

Substance: 190gsm - 400gsm

Application: Print calendar, Scratch card, Price tag



Writing paper - Woodfree - Color Woodfree

Uncoated paper

Writing paper: paper with sizing, anti - smudging, suitable for using fountain pens

Substance: 45gsm - 400gsm

Application: photocopy, printing paper, writing paper, notebook, envelope,…

Color woodfree: card,…


Vietnamese: An Hoa, Bai Bang, SCG

Indonesia: APP


Briefcard is a high quality woodfree white paper, 100% natural uncoated powder

Substance: 150 ~ 400 gsm

Application: invitation card, namecard,…


Indonesia: APP

China: Chenming

Book Paper

Creamy color, high-bulk (light weight)

Substance: 52.1gsm, 59.2gsm

Application: used to print book, novel



Uncoated paper, main ingredient is recycled pulp.

Substance: 45gsm, 48gsm & 48.8gsm

Application: Used to print newspaper, book, flyer


Bible paper

This paper has coated or uncoated as customer's request

Substance: 28gsm - 47gsm

Application: Used to print dictionary and types of bible


+ 100% virgin pulp
+ Fast and clear display
+ High heat resistance
+ High durability when printing


+ 55 or 53 for start & finish
+ 50 or 51 for the middle link


+ Continuous printing paper
+ Paper rolls used in cash registers, ATMs
+ Depot slip, invoice


Wet Strength

The paper has good water resistance.

Substance: 70gsm

Application: Box label, Beverage label, etc.

Supplier: Europe


Crystal has one side coated and high glossy

Substance: 230gsm - 350gsm


- Luxury packaging such as cosmetics, perfumes
- Photo printing paper


Indonesia: APP

Thermal paper

+ Thermal paper provides a printing solution that does not use ink, and saves costs.
+ Almost all fields now rely on this technology due to its high reliability, great durability, time saving, low cost, high printing speed.
+ Does not pollute the environment.


55 gsm, 58 gsm, 65 gsm


+ Print bill, cafe bill, supermarket shop, karaoke.
+ Print labels on medicine bottles and medicine bags

Paper with FSC certificate

What is FSC®?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is a non-governmental organization established in 1993 that brings together environmental NGOs, timber traders, foresters, indigenous peoples and other stakeholders. Certification body representing 25 countries. This organization is considered to be the only globally recognized Organization for the development of forest certification standards.

Certificate Number SGSHK-COC-011397
FSC trademark license code FSC-C121289

MEKONG PAPER commits to:

– Committed to providing customers with products manufactured from raw materials that comply with all requirements of the Vietnamese government, FSC organization on protection and development of forest resources.

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