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With pioneering aspirations and investment strategy - sustainable development, Mekong Paper Production and Trading Joint Stock Company (MEKONG PAPER) strives to become a corporation specializing in distributing industrial printing papers and leasing factories. leading position in Vietnam, having prestige and position on the world economic map with a specific management system and corporate culture that is professional, friendly and community-oriented.


Constantly creating and perfecting to provide high quality products and services at competitive prices; always bring trust and peace of mind to customers and partners.

Implement a satisfactory treatment in material and spiritual terms to encourage employees to create new values ​​for customers, shareholders and the whole society.




MeKong Paper puts the PRESTIGE in the top position, takes the PRESTIGE as a competitive weapon and protects the PRESTIGE as defending its own honor.

MeKong Paper always tries to prepare full implementation capacity, make every effort to ensure correct and higher than its commitments to customers and partners.


MeKong Paper always considers DECLARATION as one of the important foundations of doing business with the spirit of respecting the law and maintaining professional and social ethics at the highest standards.

MeKong Paper always values ​​and takes customers as the center, putting the interests and desires of customers first; taking care of customers with voluntariness and considering customer satisfaction as a measure of success.

MeKong Paper builds relationships with customers, partners, colleagues, investors and society with goodwill, affection and humanity.


MeKong Paper always considers PROFESSIONAL as a factor to maintain the sustainable development of businesses.

MeKong Paper wishes to build a lean staff, with both German and Tai who have professional knowledge, adhere to the scientific process and always innovate in each of its processes and operations.